Spring Climbing                                            Festivals                                After School Program

When was the last time you climbed a tree? Come out and ascend high into the canopy of a graceful old Oak or Maple. Learn something new about the ecosystem. Let life slow down, experience "tree time." As you inch your way up the rope system into the leaves you will experience a tree in a whole new way.

Wow! Timber and Chomp where quiet the experience! I sold out everyday, had a blast, and cant wait to be back next season. If you know of another festival you would like to see Tree Time at please reach out to see if we can make something happen.

 The first season of the "Forest Time" was a huge success. Get fresh air and exercise exploring the forest after school. We build forts, follow bugs, jump in puddles and sneak in forest knowledge at every chance. grades 1-5. Reach out if you would like to bring this program to your school.   

Join Tree Time to climb this spring and learn about trees in dormancy, seed dispersal, germination and other seasonal tree topics.

Climbs Will Start in April at Marymoor Park, Dates TBD.

Tree Time LLC