When was the last time you climbed a tree? Remember how fun it is? Come out and ascend high into the canopy of a graceful old Oak or Maple. Learn something new about the ecosystem. Let life slow down, experience "tree time." As you inch your way up the rope system into the leaves you will experience a tree in a whole new way.  Disconnect with everyday stresses and connect with friends family and nature. 

If you have not seen the redwoods in person you should make it a priority. How incredibly breathtaking and spiritual! I just drove up the west coast an am always wowed by the trees in different places, from the giant eucalyptus in Golden Gate Park to the twisted and sun bleached trees of Utah each is so beautiful.



Seasonal Ecology lessons get kids out of the four walled classroom for grades 1-6 are growing into something wonderful. I love teaching the kids its good to get dirt on your hands as we prepare garden beds or learn about the PNW forests.


After school "Forest Time" is such a beautiful thing, watching the kids discover the forest and the joy it brings. We build forts, follow bugs, jump in puddles and sneak in forest knowledge at every chance. Grades 1-6. Reach out if you would like to bring programs to your school.   

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Tree Time LLC

Sharing tree climbing and the canopy with the festival goers continues to be  a great experience for all at Timber and Chomp.  If you know of another festival or event you would like to see Tree Time at please reach out to see if we can make something happen.

Call or Email now to schedule your next adventure!



Join Tree Time for an open tree climb and learn about trees through the seasons. Bring the whole family, office or troop and have fun swinging like a monkey or hanging like a bat. Open climbs are open to groups from 1-12 climbers.

Spring Dates 4/6  4/27 5/12 5/19

Other adventures and classes also available upon request.

Arrangements can be made for other days or larger groups.