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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

*Why climb a tree? There are lots of reasons to climb including: Learning about and experiencing a new ecosystem, Team building, Connecting with nature, Having fun trying something new!

*Is it safe? Yes, in 30+ years and nearly a million climbers sent aloft via this method of climbing, crafted by Tree Climber International, there have been ZERO ACCIDENTS.

*How do you climb? You will be climbing a rope system hanging in the tree not the tree trunk and branches. Its an easy process, first you stand up in a foot loop attached to your rope, then slide the magic knot up the rope, repeat, its that's simple. Within minutes you can be sitting on a branch high in the canopy.

* Who can climb? Anyone age 6 and up.

* I'm not in great shape, will I be able to climb? Yes, anyone can climb.

*How long does a climb last? Approximately 1.5hours from start to finish for 1 climber.

*How many climbers climb at a time? I am currently running 4-6 climbing systems at a time depending on the group, for larger groups climbers will rotate in.

*What if it is raining? We climb rain or shine, climbing in the rain can be an amazing experience as the rain drums on the leaves.

*I have rock climbing gear, should I bring it? Please leave all your own gear at home, our gear is specialized tree climbing equipment, we have everything you need.

*What if I am scared of heights? Its okay to be scared of heights, you start from the ground, building trust in the system and climbing at your own speed. Climb as high or low and as fast or slow as you like. Who knows maybe you will even conquer your fears a bit.

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