My Team: These companies are working with me in this new venture to successfully run this company in a safe way.

                          Tree Solutions, Seattle Wa

                              All climbing trees have been inspected by an ISA  ISA                       certified arborist. I have recently started working with                                Scott Baker of Tree Solutions

                        Tree Climbers International Atlanta GA *TCI        is the umbrella company which I am trained under. They have an outstanding record of safety with this method of climbing, the same method I will be using to facilitate.


Katie Oakley

What is Recreational Tree Climbing?

Recreational Tree Climbing is climbing for the joy of it. When you arrive at the site the tree will be rigged with climbing stations. The climbing stations are ropes over branches or around the trunk of the tree with protective sleeves. The ropes have a series of knots creating the climbing system. You will be taught how to operate the knots so that you ascend into the canopy like an inchworm. Once you have explored the canopy as a squirrel atop the branches or a bat hanging upside down you will descend slowly back to the ground.

Tree Time LLC


My Education: I have a balanced education of traditional classroom education as well as weeks in the field with hands on learning from the only the best in the industry. (Tim Kovar of Tree Climbing Planet)

*B.S., Ecology and Conservation, 2012 University of Washington, Seattle WA.

*Graduate, Basic Tree Week, 2011 Tree Climbing Planet, Oregon City OR.

*Graduate, Facilitators Couse, 2012 Tree Climbing Planet, Oregon City OR.

*Graduate, Instructor Training, 2017 EarthJoy Adventures, Germantown KY.

Tree Time was established so that I may share my passion with the public. In my last quarter at the University of Washington I took a class on forestry that really lit me up. The class had a required reading list with a few books and I chose "The Wild Trees" by Richard Preston, I was a goner after that. I knew I had to get into the canopy so I tracked down the closest instructor I could find; this is how I met Tim Kovar of Tree Climbing Planet. He is an extremely accomplished climber and instructor. First, I pursued training in personal tree climbing then for facilitation of tree climbing for the public. I am a teacher by heart, I have taught swimming lessons to kids with poor water histories for the last 10 years and every day I am still excited to go to work, I love what I do and I can't wait to transfer this excitement for teaching to tree climbing.

Mission: Provide a safe, educational and fun way to experience the forest canopy.

Vision: Reconnect people to nature so that they may appreciate all that nature has to offer.